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Jammerphone ensures that our customers always receive their orders and are sаtisfied with them. However, we should take into account all the cases which can occur. We guarantee you, that in case of loss we will send the ordered item again or refund your money. Please, read the following information which can be useful.
What shall I do, if I do not get my order?

1st case. Your order did not reach you or came damaged.

Jammerphone treasures customers and always ready to help the customers. If you face with such a problem, hurry up to contact us, we will re-send the order or refund all your money. Such cases are not typical for us, but very rarely it may happen. Investigation of your case can take some time, that’s why if you are in hurry it is better to place new order at your expense. But, do not worry after the investigation we will make a full refund.

2nd case. You have been waiting for an air mail package for a long time

If you have been waiting for your package for a long period of time, then please contact our managers. They will check whether everything is ok with the delivery of your order. Such cases are very rare for us, but if there any, we solve them very quickly. If the delivery date is expired, Jammerphone will send you the package again. If you are not satisfied, with this decision, we will refund you money. When you want to receive the package urgently, then you need to place new order.

3d case. During a multy- part delivery some package or product is missing

If you face with such a problem then you need to open dispute with a courier immediately. When you provide us with documents that proves current situation, then Jammerphone will be happy to send the missing part or box again or refund your money.

4th case. You receive damaged goods

If you face with such a problem then you need to open dispute with a courier immediately to get the right reporting process. In such a case, damaged goods will be returned to the courier and Jammerphone will do the best to provide you with new item or give a refund. It is very important you to go through reporting procedure as without documents that prove that you order is damaged, it will be hard to review your case regarding the return of product to us for replacement. Please, take immediate actions in such situations.

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