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Taxes,Customs fee,Tariff

You may have to pay tax depending on country you live in. does not tax sales charge…

When you buy from you do not pay sales taxes in China, but it can be possible that you may be taxed in your country while accepting the delivery.

Declared Value: Packet Value Affects Tax

Your country’s customs duty keeps an eye on import of large quantity of products very strictly, however transportation of small amount of goods is more simplified. If speak about import taxes you should know that term ‘ad valorem’ means that  your tax is calculated as a percentage of the goods’ value, sometimes it includes delivery too.

Declared Contents: Packet Contents Affect Tax

Please note, that the type of imported goods is also influence whether you need to pay tax or the sum of tax you to pay. Before placing the order, it is advisable you to check whether jammers, detectors and spy cameras are considered as dangerous and illegal product in your country. Please, make such a little investigation. In addition, you should indicate accurate and true information about package content.

Tax And Air Mail Packets

At first the import tax is paid by the courier which you choose: DHL, UPS, FedEx. After that, you should pay back the courier when they bring the ordered item to you. You can pay them in cash or by your credit card. But, you should keep in mind that delivery by air does not give you a guaranty that you will be free of import tax.

How To Pay Import Taxes

For your information, the courier is the first who pay the import tax, but when they bring to you your order, you should pay the money back to them: it can be cash or credit card. Big orders (two or more packages) are imported under strict control of customs. That’s why you may require help of qualified and licensed Customs Blocker.

Why You Need To Do Your Own Research

    Import and tax rules are (a) different in every country; (b) changing often; (c) highly dependent on the shipment size and contents; and (d) not consistently applied by your country's different ports and customs houses. Therefore Jammerphone cannot offer you specific advice about how much tax you will have to pay, or any guarantees related to this issue.
    We will always do our best to help you import successfully and profitably. If you have any doubts, simply open a live chat or help ticket with our English-speaking Customer Support Team.
    Sometimes the importing rules according to your country's government and customs are not enforced as strictly or consistently as they say. A good way to find out the realities of importing into your country is to begin with a series of smaller orders from Jammerphone and make careful notes of what (if any) steps you had to go through or charges you had to pay. You may be pleasantly surprised how easy importing is for you.

Who Provides Import Paperwork?

    In general all the paperwork required for clearing your goods through customs is provided by Jammerphone. Usually the shipping invoice and courier waybill included with all shipments from Jammerphone is sufficient.
    Sometimes additional paperwork such as product licences are required by customs. We track all of your shipments until they reach you, so if there is such a requirement, we will respond to it promptly on your behalf, usually without the need for you to take any action.
    You may need to show a copy of the shipping invoice to receive your products in some cases, and we will give you the papers you need on request.
    It is your responsibility to confirm the details of the shipping paperwork with Jammerphone before the goods are sent out. We will follow your instructions for customizing the shipping documentation according to your requirements, and you, as the importer, bear full responsibility for any exception arising from this paperwork.

Tax Liability

    The importer is solely responsible for all import taxes, sales taxes, and any other customs-related charges.
    Jammerphone accepts no liability for any such charges. Importing taxes and charges cannot and will not be quoted/predicted, and they cannot be reimbursed to you under any circumstances.
    If an importer refuses to pay taxes or otherwise refuses to comply with requirements of the importing or customs clearance process, the goods will usually not be delivered successfully. In such cases the goods could be seized by customs, destroyed, or returned back to China. In any such cases you, the importer, bear sole responsibility provided no error has been made by Jammerphone in following your order requirements.

Import Taxes And Dropshipping - Warning

    Dropshipping means you "sell" goods to an end customer, and Jammerphone sends the goods directly to your customer without you handling the goods. This means that the end customer is the consignee of the package being sent from China, and this means your customer is also considered to be the "importer" of the goods. Thus, your customer bears full responsibility for importing the goods and paying any applicable taxes, duties, and other charges. Make sure you research the situation and inform your customers clearly in advance!
    Responsibilities small print:
    - In this system, you as the Dropship Vendor are solely responsible for informing your Dropship Customer about the China origin of the goods, the shipping method, the import declaration used, the import process, any taxes or charges that are likely to be charged or could be charged, and the mechanism for receiving goods and paying applicable charges. You are solely responsible for establishing and communicating whatever delivery terms, warranty, guarantees, or other contracts that you wish to establish with your customers; in these matters Jammerphone accepts no liability.
    - When dropshipping via eBay selling, Amazon selling, or any similar third party sales platform, you must additionally abide by their terms and conditions for clarifying the delivery/import process for your customers and clearly communicating/advertising your terms before the sale.
    - In an exception case where a Dropship Customer refuses to receive goods, refuses to pay taxes, or otherwise fails to comply with the import process, you as the Dropship Vendor bear full responsibility for resolving the issue directly with your Dropship Customer. In dropship cases Jammerphone as the Dropship Wholesaler will be deemed to have fulfilled all responsibility for delivering the order, and Jammerphone will not accept any liability in such cases. In practical terms this means that in such a failed delivery case, you would have to decide whether or not to compensate your customer, but Jammerphone would not offer you any form of refund.
    - If you consistently fail to inform your customers properly about their import responsibilities, leading to delivery exceptions, we reserve the right to close your account and cancel any outstanding orders.

Getting More Information About Taxes

    Please undertake your own research about import regulations and taxes in your country. We can offer informal pre-sales advice, but we will not offer any formal advice or guarantees due to this issue being beyond our control.
    After you have placed your order from Jammerphone, make sure you get in touch with us to confirm details of any customization that you require for your shipping invoice declarations.
    After your packets have been sent out from our warehouse, we will stay in touch with you and help you with any further importing process steps.

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