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As takes care of the customers, we guarantee you that with us your private data will be in safe. We are not share or distribute customers’ personal data. We treasure your trust as each customer is special and very important for us. Our record system is similar to Data protection law requirements in China.

We guarantee you that:

Your information which you provide us with will never been given to another person.

All members of our staff signed a contract about confidentiality.

We will never tell your email to anyone.

Your web browsing detail is not tracked by us.

All your private information is in safe with us, that’s why removal of your data on paper is possible only via shredding.

You have the right to request a copy of information about you owned by us.

You can ask us to cancel your account, but please note that information of your previous orders is saved by as for preventing fraudsters’ attack.

What information should you provide us with?

Please note, that our company has several ways for collecting information and we use cookies. Cookies generates information with the help of web server. So, when you open our site, the server identifies the relevant cookie on user’s computer. It identifies information which you consider to be very private: number of credit cards, home address, email, bank account, etc. However, it should be emphasized that we asks only such information: Telephone Number, Password, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country, Name, Company Name.

What for you need such information?

We require such information to finish the verification process and for this we need to know you more close. Also, we need to verify the information of your credit card. Non-personal information helps us to improve and make our site more useful and practical to serve needs and wants of today’s customer.

To ensure safe protection to your private data we use encryption technology (128 bit SSL). Moreover, for protection of our data storage, we use the latest advanced protection. All our workers keeps your private information in secret as they sign agreement that prohibits them to share with information about clients. Your personal data is also protected from power outages that may cause harm. It goes without saying that to enter the account you need to create the password. The password should not be short, it must consist at least 6 symbols (letters and digits). If you failed to enter the correct password for three times, than account session is terminated. What’s more, you have to update your password every 90 days. We have the right to cancel the account which has not been used for 6 month.

Access to your information

You should know that not our staff has the access to your personal data. Only authorized employees that are dealing with your account have the access, for instance workers who regulate work of your account plus technical department who maintains integrity of the system. Also, in order to be able to process your credit card, we need to communicate with processing companies. As usual bank industry controls the work of these companies. If credit card processing company fails to answer security requirements, it loses a change to do a business. You should know that such companies have access to your personal information: i.e name, phone number, credit card number and billing address. This information is needed to contact the bank, which issued this credit card, for receiving the confirmation to charge your card.  

Is it possible to correct to delete information from the website?

Yes, of course you can. You can look through your account whenever you like. In addition, you can delete the information from your account which you consider to be private, but bear in mind, if you cancel your contact information or email, it may result in poor service. As we will be unable to supply you with goods and services, so effectively as it was earlier. Please, contact us before making changer in your account.

Notification about changes

We are in charge to change privacy policy whenever we want. But before making some changes, we will notify our users beforehand. On the home page of our site, will be published announcement, informing that new privacy policy has come into force.

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