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Direct Shipment
Information about copying or use materials from Jammerphone
You are free to use photos and descriptions of goods from our site. You are welcome to use our recommended item lists and publicity brochures. You can take advantage of quotations used on blog of China business news, but you must refer to the source site. You may use also copy Newsletter, however in this case you are to refer to our site. It is prohibited to copy our customers’ testimonials, feedbacks and knowledge articles. All our materials such as pictures, descriptions, etc are copyright.
We would be very grateful if you can advice on how we can improve our site, how to make the translation of product description much better. Also, it would be much appreciated, if you decide to share with us picture of products with higher quality.
What is drop-ship?
The situation when Jammerphone acts like a mediator between you and your customer is called Direct Shipment. For instance, customer bought the item and he believes that supplier is you, but frankly speaking the supplier is the third part (i.e Jammerphone), but if the buyer has any questions, he should contact you, but not the third part. As you has account on our site, but not your customer, such issues as return policy or technical aspects should be solved by you and agreed in advanced. As we informed earlier, customers have to pay the tax for import to the courier during the acceptance of the order. So, notify your buyer beforehand about import tax charges, as this duty is of your responsibility. It goes without saying, that we will do everything possible to minimize the import tax, but for it you should have declaration instruction.
We do not have extra charges for drop-shipping. Only registered clients can take advantage of drop-ship. It is very easy to do. You just need to indicate another address for delivery in ‘my account’.We have no limit for addresses: you can as much addresses as you need. Please, while placing the order write ‘drop-ship’ in field for comments.


How To Drop-Ship With Jammersales?
How To Drop-Ship With Jammersales?

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